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Timaya mesmerizes with his new single “To U”

For many music is music, for others music is more than a beautiful mixture of vocals and percussions. For the latter group, music can be spiritual and also a way to reflect deep into one’s journey in life. In his new single titled To U, Timaya, the golden boy of Bayelsa, the Egberie Papa Number […]
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Mount Kilimanjaro

5 Gorgeous Places You Should See When You Are in Tanzania

Tanzania is truly heaven on earth. This east African country is definitely one of the hottest destinations in world tourism. If you are in for luxury or adventure, here are 5 gorgeous places to check out in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro This expedition is definitely not for the faint-hearted. However, if you are up to it, […]
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5 South African Foods That You Should Be Eating Right Now

South African cuisine reflects the cultural diversity of the “Rainbow Nation”.  From traditional African food to cuisine passed down from the Dutch, French, Indonesians, Indians and Malaysians, South African food is a vibrant cuisine that will definitely excite anyone’s palate. Cape Malay Curry In the 17th century, the French and Dutch landed and settled in […]
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