Be Ambitious. Be Unafraid. Be African.

We may be scattered all over the world, but as Africans, we are all rooted in one thing: Our home in the motherland. FTYL is here to bring the things you like to you. Not the other way around.


The World Is Really at Your Fingertips

At Find Things You Like LLC, we are dedicated to connecting members of the African community with each other and the rest of the world. By providing a platform wherein the African people can get the products, services, and resources they need, we believe that we can empower them, helping them gain agency over their lives and making their voices heard in society.

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Our Story

Most of the time, members of the African community have to make tremendous efforts to find products and services that fit their needs. Some businesses that are not well acquainted with the Afro-Caribbean culture may hold certain stigmas or stereotypes about Africans. These negative notions about the African community can be deterrents in their shopping options. To help address this social ill and provide the African community with more choices, our company was established in 2015.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple – to empower African people all over the world. We want to make it easy as pie for you to connect with likeminded African spirits, find top products and services, discover local events, and so, so much more.


Our Mission

Sorry Tom Cruise, but this mission is NOT impossible! After all, it’s projected that there will be nearly 4.5 BILLION Africans walking the planet by 2100. It’s our duty to give these people an online portal that makes them feel accepted, empowered, loved, and valued as human beings.


Discover products, services, resources, mentorship, event information – we could go on, but we’d be here all day. One world. One Mother Africa.


The mission goes deeper than just helping people find things they like. It’s about helping them find themselves in today’s confusing world.


Stay glued to global trends and discover incredible movies, music videos, fashion content, sports highlights….name it, get it, like it.


Why Choose Us

FTYL was born out of a passion for empowering people of African descent or those who just, well, like African stuff. That’s what we’re all about – African stuff. Pure and simple.

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The Things You Like Are Just a Click Away

At Find Things You Like LLC, you’ll not only grab hold of Afro-Caribbean items you’ve long been looking for. You’ll also discover the African community’s best-kept secrets!

Explore Your Own Backyard

Are you someone who is fascinated about African culture and costumes? Find Things You Like LLC is the company to turn to. Be a tourist in your own town, and express your support for the African people at the same time by joining our events, purchasing our products, or becoming a member.

“I spend so much time asking my friends, where can I get good roti like at home? Why can’t I find my hair care products that I’m used to?”


“I believe the biggest gap is in clothing and food. I don’t even know where to begin to find resources online, and I’m a web project manager.

Everything in our community is just word-of-mouth. I attend a lot of traditional African weddings. Where we struggle the most is how hard it is to find things like restaurants or caterers. If I wanted to get native wear to wear to a wedding. Things like that. In our culture, black soap is a basic necessity. Here, it’s extremely hard to find where I can buy it, even though most African retailers sell it.”